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Instead of going to a crowded gym or being confused or intimidated by some fitness equipment, a great way to start your journey could be to just start moving: stretching, walking, something.



Making the First Move

Most Americans are sedentary, meaning they hardly move outside of driving to work and walking to and from the bathroom. I know that many want to change that fact, but don't know where to begin. To be honest, it all starts with movement.


In order to meet their New Years Resolution, some commit to a gym membership and/or buy fitness equipment. That may work for some, but most get discouraged after seeing the gym so crowded and/or not seeing results quickly. The solution: just move. If you take a brisk 20-minute walk after dinner, you've already done more than most. And if you continue to walk, it becomes a habit. Habits turn into lifestyles. What greater lifestyle change than one of activity and movement? 


Soon, that brisk 20-minute walk turns into a 20-minute jog. Then, you're noticing the change in how you look and feel. Next thing you know, you're running for 20 minutes and that's just your warm-up! And all of that started with simply making the first move!

After making the first move, you have to choose to move more than you remain sedentary. I don't care if you only walk 20 minutes once a week. As long as the next week, you walk for 20 minutes twice. If you gradually increase your activity and the intensity of the activity, that's more sustainable and makes your goals that much more attainable [if they're SMART goals (see Family tab for more info on SMART goals)].

Rome wasn't built in a day and you won't become a fitness guru overnight. However, you can shift your life from sedentary to active by merely making the first move. Let's get moving!

Try these: 1) take the stairs instead of the elevator, 2) park in the back of the parking lot instead of trying to find the closest parking spot, & 3) invest in a fitness tracker, like a Fitbit or an Apple Watch to track your movement.

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